Steamroller Printing Event – Nine Nebraska Artists Woodblocks

A steamroller printing event of the large woodblocks carved by the Nine Nebraska Artists will be held at the LUX Center for the Arts on August 15th, 2020 from 1-4pm. Other artists are invited to join with additional woodblocks for the steamroller printing demonstration.


This mural project is in conjunction with “Surface Impressions” – International Juried Print Exhibition.

Color Woodcut Workshop 2020

This intensive, exciting workshop will awaken the possibilities for the woodcut printing process for the beginning and advanced printmaker……

“inventive, contemporary, creative methods, great registration system!”

Explore cutting techniques, use of oil-base inks and water-base inks,

and printing by hand as well as the press.

Individual discoveries, aahhh moments, collaborative atmosphere

in a beautiful studio.   For all levels.   $600

Papermaking Workshop

Learn of the different natural fibers to make handmade paper sheets, and include color pulp painting with stencils and squeeze bottles for special effects.     This two day workshop allows for in-depth projects and seeing results overnight as sheets go into the restraint drying system.   Join for the collaborative experience and fun.

Saturday February 8, 1-5pm

Sunday, February 9, 1-5pm

For all levels, $75

Cyanotype Workshop: The Magic of the Sunprint with Matel Rokke

With light-sensitive coatings onto paper, we will make beautiful blue toned prints when exposed with objects or transparencies blocking the ultraviolet light, leaving a silhouette image that “captures” the moment and the ghost of the object. This is a historic process ready for update.   Bring unusual small objects, natural foliage & grasses, nostalgic translucent or transparent memorabilia.   Also plan a photo image ahead of time that will be made into a transparency to use for exposures.

For all levels.   $60

Japanese Papermaking Workshop

Japanese Papermaking Workshop

August 6 & 7, Tuesday & Wednesday, 5 – 9pm



We will use kozo fibers (related to the mulberry tree), and other plants gathered locally to make thin, translucent paper in the Nagashizuki-style of sheet forming.   A cool process for the summer, with interesting and useful results.

Block-Printing on Fabric

One Day Workshop

Block-Printing on Fabric

July 27, Saturday, 10 – 4


Print onto interesting fabrics, tote-bags, t-shirts from ready to go patterned blocks, and blocks that you carve yourself.   Tools and wood are provided, and we will use black ink for graphic punch, and traditional effects.

The Joys of Tool Sharpening

One Day Workshop

The Joys of Tool Sharpening

July 6 Saturday, drop-in between 10 – 3


Learn to sharpen your printmaking tools – woodcarving gouges and knives, etching scrapers.   We will show you how, and you can get them into shape. This is a meditative – and necessary – practice for those tools and you.

The Paper Quilt Collage with Kathy Caraccio

June 21. Friday Part 1, 2:00 – 4:30

June 22, Saturday Part 2, 1:00 – 4:30

Join with guest artist Kathy Caraccio, master printer from New York City, here to celebrate her Quilt Series exhibition at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum.   In this exciting workshop we will create monoprints onto interesting papers for colorful rainbow blends, textures and layers.   These printed sources will be cut into shapes to arrange into quilt like designs and patterns that create dynamic visual interactions.   These one-of-a-kind collages of paper will be glued and mounted for a finished presentation.   Printing hints and tips from Kathy’s vast knowledge will enable collaboration throughout the workshop allowing all to learn and discover.


Color Woodcut Printmaking Workshop 2019

This intensive, exciting workshop will awaken the possibilities for the woodcut printing process for the beginning and advanced printmaker.   This approach is not technically tradition-bound…but inventive, with contemporary, creative methods, that can be spontaneous, simple and direct.   This expressive medium will be introduced and explored through demonstrations and discussions of cutting techniques, oil-base inks and water-base inks, modifiers, and printing by hand as well as using the press.   Participants will go from designing their images and cutting blocks, to printing several projects using a variety of methods and individual discoveries.  For all levels.


The Clamshell Box

May 18 & 19, Saturday & Sunday, 1:00 – 5:00 each day

Make the beautiful and professional clamshell box, to house your special collection, object or book. We will build to your unique purpose, using quality materials, decorative juxtapositions, and fundamental proportions.   Bring along the object that will go into this special box.

Papermaking & Pulp Painting

February 23 & 24, Saturday & Sunday, 10:00am – 4:00pm each day

Make beautiful handmade paper with inclusions of colored pulp wet into wet.   Fluid squeeze-bottle drawing and designs can make the paper sheets inspiring when dry for further drawing, calligraphy, printing, and bookmaking.

One Day Workshop – Coptic Stitch Bookbinding

Now use your own bookcloth for the covers of this hand bound exposed stitch traditional binding. A practical book that opens completely.  Additional bookcloth and decorative papers will also be available.