Steamroller Printing Event – Nine Nebraska Artists Woodblocks

A steamroller printing event of the large woodblocks carved by the Nine Nebraska Artists will be held at the LUX Center for the Arts on August 15th, 2020 from 1-4pm. Other artists are invited to join with additional woodblocks for the steamroller printing demonstration.


This mural project is in conjunction with “Surface Impressions” – International Juried Print Exhibition.

Surface Impressions: International Print Show

June 5th – August 28th   2020

Juror: Mark Pascale
Janet and Craig Duchossois Curator of Prints and Drawings, The Art Institute of Chicago

co-organized by Constellation Studios and Lux Art Center


  • First Friday June 5,

visit by appointment 12noon – 8pm

Call 402-438-0049 or


  • June 11, 6-7pm Facebook Live from LUX Facebook – Curator Talk – Mark Pascale
  • June 13, 10 – 11am 2020 –Coffee with the Curators – Mark Pascale and Susan Soriente, Zoom
  • summer 2020 – events, workshops, steamroller printing all TBA


Surface Impressions intends to connect artists and audiences to the 21st century language of relief printmaking as a viable engagement for today.

The exhibition includes 75 works from 67 national and international artists, with a selection at both Constellation Studios and Lux Art Center galleries.   All the prints use relief-printing processes of woodcut, linoleum block, wood engraving, letterpress, and new technologies including laser cutting.

There is a distinctive graphic nature to prints made from carved surfaces as the energy of carving with gouges and burins is readily apparent. This action is transformed by pressure and ink onto paper which reveals light “opened up” from the solid surface. Artists are endlessly inventive with how the surface is changed, as well as with their innovations for printing from blocks, from essential black and white, to multiple layers of color and carving stages, to how the printing happens with presses or by hand.   Relief prints use available materials for protest and actions, exist on large scale for impact, capture impressions of wood growth, and show intimate carved details on the end-grain of wood.

This inaugural biennial of relief prints here in the center of America showcases artists from around the country and abroad, all selected from an open call for entries. The works on exhibition focus on the role of the relief print as a means of cultural critique and exploration, of this ancient process but newly invigorated discipline as it is practiced and defined by today’s artists.

Kenny Walton – Hand Blown Glass

April 8 – 25, 2020

Memorial Event:  Saturday April 11, 5:00 – 6:00pm POSTPONED

Opportunities for Exhibition Viewing & Sales by appointment, contact:  or phone/text 402-429-8239

April 8-9-10-11, noon – 5

April 16-17-18, noon – 5

April 23-24-25, noon – 5

Artist Kenny Walton (1947-2019) was an integral part of the dream of Constellation Studios, as husband and helpmate to owner/director Karen Kunc. He worked hard on their acreage near Avoca, Nebraska, building his studio, working intensely to blow glass, landscaping the gardens and arbors of fruit trees, and cooking exotic meals.

Kenny studied at Ohio State University, and Columbus College of Art & Design. Through 1990 to 2007, Kenny exhibited his hand-blown glass at juried arts and craft fairs around the country and region, winning many awards. His work was included in New Glass Review at the Corning Museum of Glass in 1995. He had solo exhibitions of his glass in Nagoya, Japan, Ohio Craft Museum, and the Haydon Art Center in Lincoln. He received two Nebraska Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowships in 1994 & 1995, and a Mid-America Arts Alliance/National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in 1995. He lectured on his glass in Finland, Poland, Hawaii and throughout the Midwest.

“He is very aware of living things and living cycles – the undercurrent of his work. He is steadily and quietly entranced by nature, its intricacies and fullness, and his work exudes this….. He has the ability (and innate desire) to successfully have his head, his eye, and his heart work together and then flow outwards from his hand to work and tool glass until it reflects, in its abstracted form, the beauty of life, essentially.”

Teliza V. Rodriguez, Curator, Museum of Nebraska Art. 2007

It is with immense pride that we show his amazing hand blown glass as a legacy of beauty, craftsmanship, and inspiration.  This exhibition honors his indomitable spirit, humor, intellect, energy and skills with “field expediency” (fixes with duct tape & wire!).   His glass art brings solace for us all.

Lincoln Journal Star Kenny Walton



Paper Pulp & Beyond

In conjunction with the city-wide FiberFest,

Constellation Studios presents:

Paper Pulp & Beyond


January 24 – February 28, 2020

Special Reception Thursday, January 23, 7-8pm

Papermaking demos – First Friday Feb 7, 6-8pm



Kathy Cartier, Lincoln, NE

Melissa Harshman, Athens, Georgia

Nancy Mintz, Berkeley, CA

Bridget O’Malley, Minneapolis, MN

Amy Sands, Minneapolis, MN

Considering the special properties of humble paper fibers, artists explore cotton, abaca (banana leaf), flax, kozo and gampi (inner bark fibers) creating works beyond typical handmade sheets.     This exhibition celebrates the many qualities of various fibers – translucency, fluidity, lightweight, strength, malleability, as these natural materials transform into delicate veils, fantastic dimensional structures, pulp drawings and layered constructions. Through the processes of hydration, beating, forming, and drying these fibers create unusual effects and interactions.

Panel Discussion: “Getting into Print: Printers and Authors Talk”

Nebraska Literary Heritage Association hosts an Author Adventures event with Bonnie O’Connell, Professor Emerita, UNO School of Art, book artist and printmaker, with poet Grace Bauer, Aaron Douglas Professor UNL Department of English, and poet Mary Hickman, Professor of English at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Following hors d’oeuvres from 6:30 -7:00pm, O’Connell, Bauer, and Hickman will participate in a panel discussion from 7:00 – 7:40.   This conversation will focus on the “how” of getting into print, publishing issues, the small press/self-publishing route as an alternative for writers, and the tradition of book culture.  A Q & A session will be part of the event.

Open Studio for Lincoln Bike Art Tour (LBAT)

This year LBAT will be taking place in the South Salt Creek Neighborhood, Everett Neighborhood, Near South Neighborhood, downtown, the Haymarket and UNL city campus. LBAT is a day long celebration encouraging folks to hop on their bikes (or drive, we won’t judge) to experience the working studios in the area.   Constellations Studios will be open!   See the exhibition and printing activities.


One Book One Nebraska

Nebraska Literary Heritage Association

Presents an Author Adventure

To Celebrate:

Nebraska Presence:  An Anthology of Poetry

edited by Greg Kosmicki & Mary K. Stillwell

Readings by Invited Poets

Treats, socializing, authors, letterpress printing keepsake poems on handmade paper

Books available for sale through Indigo Bridge Books.

Free, please RSVP to: Erin 402-441-8516


The Slow Read

Ready, Get Set…Slow Read

Q: What is the opposite of a book club on steroids?

A: Reading Willa Cather’s novel ‘My Ántonia’ at the slow pace of six pages per day.

SlowReadWhat is the Slow Read?

The Slow Read is a public literary / art project conceived of and produced by Portland-based artist Barbara Tetenbaum. “After taking a workshop on video mapping, I had this vision of projecting the pages of a novel onto the wall of a building, so people would read together in public. The project has now grow to nearly a dozen public sites and can be accessed by anyone on their personal computers. This means that everyone in America and beyond can essentially read as a community,” says Tetenbaum. “This year is the centenary of a book I’ve been working with for some time, ‘My Ántonia’ by Willa Cather. It made perfect sense to use this particular novel for the Slow Read and a chance to find a deeper connection to her words and the issues Cather was illuminating which are still relevant today. Some readers will stumble upon this novel for the first time, others will be rereading it again, discovering something new in her story. I want to offer a piece of culture in the form of shared daily ritual, to be experienced slowly over time, providing a counterweight to the spectacle-based world we live in.”

During this centenary year of My Ántonia’s publication, readers around the country and the globe can follow along on their cell phones, laptops — or at a public site location – and read closer and deeper than before. From May 30 through August 11th, images of the first edition page spreads will be looped on a dedicated website ( and offer the first-time reader, or long-time fan, this unusual, slow unfolding of the novel.


“Cather shows us what it was like to live on the 1890’s Nebraska prairie, a life that was tough and beautiful at the same time.” says Tetenbaum, “Cather herself grew up in Red Cloud around immigrants from Central Europe and Russia. ‘My Ántonia’ reads as a chronicle to their humanity and struggles during the formative years of the American Plains. The immigrant experience is particularly relevant in our current political climate, and perhaps there is a way to find a meaningful dialog through Cather’s story.”


Public venues such as libraries and museums are hosting the Slow Read, usually through a publicly-accessible video monitor. {At Constellation Studios, 2055 ‘O’ Street, the monitor faces the street and is best viewed in the evening, and runs 24 hours with new page selection added each morning} Individuals who don’t have access to these sites can read along on their own internet-connected devices by going to and clicking the “Today’s Reading” button.

Barb Tetenbaum will be taking the project on the road in early June to show at outdoor sites. Go to the website blog to find the next screening:

constellation slow read_sm


The broadcast begins on May 30th and ends on August 11, 2018. If you miss a day, the website has an archive of previously shown pages.

Want to participate?

The Slow Read web-stream is free and available at

What else is there?

The Slow Read website links to activities, discussions, exhibitions and lectures organized by Cather institutions and scholars. It also contains a visual concordance of images from eight years of personal artist projects connected to this novel. Explore the website for all this.

Where can I find the public Slow Read venues?

Currently, these sites are hosting the Slow Read:

Willa Cather Foundation in Red Cloud, NE

Love Library at Univ. of NE-Lincoln

Constellation Studios, Lincoln, NE

Jaffrey Public Library, Jaffrey, NH

Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland, OR

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland, OR

Pacific Northwest College of Art Library, Portland, OR

Working Library, Portland, OR

Union College in Lincoln, NE

Check to explore additional locations as they are added and to track The Slow Read mobile pop-up on the road.

About the artist/director of The Slow Read:

Barbara Tetenbaum is a visual artist interested in the act of reading. She uses the mediums of books, prints, installation, and animation to explore this subject matter. She founded her artist book imprint, Triangular Press, in 1979. Barb is the recipient of two Fulbright Fellowships, career and project awards from the Oregon Arts Commission, Ford Family Foundation, Oregon Community Foundation and the Regional Arts and Culture Council. She is currently Professor and Head of the Book + Print at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. She holds a B.S. (Fine Art) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Community Conversation: Collaboration

Join us for low-key conversation and sharing on the theme of Collaboration.   Nick Hernandez (KZUM Radio) leads our conversation and invites key discussants to spark inspiration and directions towards his ongoing quest on issues of Happiness and Well-being for our community enrichment.

One Book One Nebraska

Nebraska Presence: An Anthology of Poetry

edited by Greg Kosmicki & Mary K. Stillwell

Readings by Invited Poets.

Thursday, June 7th, 5:30 – 7:50


A 24 Hours: an Intaglio Record

Pecos Pryor & James Hapke

Two artists endured a performative drawing session onto a huge copper plate for 24 consecutive hours last fall.  The copper plate was set up like a table where the artist sat across from each other using drypoint, hard ground and acid, abrasives, and spit bite to etch portraits of one another below the surface of the plate, encouraging each other during the overnight, exhaustive session. Now two months later the plate will be printed on Constellation Studios huge etching press to reveal this experiential record. The guest artists will be proofing the plate and printing the week of January 22 – 25, pulling a limited edition. The public is invited to view this “big reveal” of the intaglio portraits on Tuesday January 23, 5:30 – 7.