Constellation Collaboration with UNL Students: Monoprint & Collage Printstallation

April 1 – April 26, 2022

April 1 First Friday Reception 6:00 – 8:00

This exhibition presents the workshop investigations of invited UNL art students to engage with monoprinting and “gum transfer” techniques for a three-day intensive experience to create a variety of images and materials for a collaborative installation project for the gallery walls. The students include Joselyn Andreason, Kassidy Linaberry, Mya Levitch, Reid Martin, Katherine Morrow, Javier Rivera.  They will respond to new ways of working and the collaboration challenge to push and explore new directions.   This process offers unknowns yet feedback, decision-making and problem solving….asking constantly “what about this!” Organized and coordinated by UNL UCARE and Constellation Studios student intern Joselyn Andreason this outreach project intends to step off the edge of traditional presentations to take us into a new vision of “what could be” using print-based media as a vehicle for installation work.

Read about this trend in contemporary prints:

“Ink/The Lexicon of Tomorrow:  Print-Based Installation” by Sarah Kirk Hanley

Installation views of March 2022 exhibitions: Maring, Huebert, Sontheimer

Installation views of Little Monsters by Marvel Maring, includes mixed media collages and artist books, with colorful, obsessively filled, and inventive compositions.


Installation view of So That I Am Not Exactly Alone by Matthew Sontheimer, series of mixed media drawings paired with process studies contained in a sealed translucent envelope, and vintage postcard inspirations.


Installation views of Modular Landscapes: Printing Pivots,  by Ian Huebert, woodblock installation of a vast panorama of irrigation patterns, and other prints.