Surface Impressions installation views

Here are views of the installation at Constellation Studios of

Surface Impressions: International Juried Print Exhibition

June 3 – August 26, 2022

The LUX Center for the Arts and Constellation Studios will present ‘Surface Impressions,’ an ambitious exhibition focusing on hand-produced relief prints from woodblock, linoleum cut, wood engraving, and mixed media relief prints. This showcase will bring fine art prints to the fore, enabling Lincoln, the LUX Center for the Arts, and Constellation Studios to join in a world-wide conversation about creative innovations in prints. Surface Impressions intends to connect artists and audiences to the 21st century language of relief printmaking as a viable artistic engagement for today.

Seventy-four prints have been selected by Juror Sean Starwars. Fifty prints will be on display at the LUX Center for the Arts, and 24 will be on display at Constellation Studios. This biennial of relief prints here in the center of America will showcase artists from around the country and abroad, all selected from an open call for entries. The works on exhibition focus on the role of the relief print as a means of cultural critique and exploration of this ancient but newly invigorated discipline as practiced and defined by today’s artists.


L to R:  Carol Acquilano; Jim Monson; Aric Russom; Tom Virgin; Rich Fowler; Susan Marie Brundage; Nina Jordan; Cynthia Back.

L to R: Alexandria Motiu; Art Brown;  Art Hazelwood; James Ehlers.

L to R:  Nina Jordan;  Brian Kreydatus;  Marga Galins; Wesley Kramer; Alexandria Motiu ; Art Brown.

L to R:  Claire Bowman; Ximena Medina Sancho; Endi Poskovic; Kristin Boyer

First Prize:  Endi Poskovic

Third Prize: Aric Russom


Visit this website for the other prize winners, and details of each artist and their works: