Artist in Residence Shubho Saha

Shubho Saha, from Dhaka, Bangladesh, spent a week residency at Constellation Studios, where he printed a color woodcut, made handmade paper, assisted printing with Karen, and visited the UNL campus, museums, and Art Department.   He is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts Dhaka University, and is the studio manager of the community print studio of the Bengal Foundation.   He is continuing on with a two month residency at the Salina Art Center, Kansas…….and now we have this great connection with Salina through Shubho and director Bill North.    It was great to share the studio and conversations about so many things……and reminiscing of our many friends in Dhaka!


Shubho_2  KK&Shubho

Closeup: STELLAR small prints

This beautiful show needs to be seen up close!   So here is a selection of images to give some perspective on these STELLAR prints and the installation.  Living with them in the studio is inspiring.    It is an honor to have these works here, and to connect with these artists, their concepts and talents.  Thank you all!

Hayk_smTara_group_sm Jill_group_sm Josef_abst_sm Josef_skies_sm Maija_group_sm  Mariko_sm Miida_group_sm Naomi_group_smAntti_detail_smManuel_group_smSeanCaulfield_reliefs_lg  Sheila_group_sm Silvilin_group_sm

Art at Cedar Point video

Here is the link to a beautiful video of Art at Cedar Point, my summer course taught at UNL Cedar Point Biological Station, near Ogallala, Nebraska.   Created by Kat Shiffler, who has captured the intent of this art and science collaboration.   Watch and enjoy!

Treasures from the Flatfiles

A fun evening was shared with 40 – 50 guests for the Happy Hour House Concert, featuring artist/songwriter Wendy Jane Bantam and musician Marty Steinhausen.


Then everyone joined in the Constellation Studio Tour and viewing of “Treasures from the Flatfile”.   The drawers were opened one by one for a dazzling display!  My works ranged from grad school etchings, to the latest “just finished” print, to some collectible antique Japanese books, and the scroll print by Tuula Molinen.  Here are the views:

VSCN0001 DSCN9759 DSCN9758 DSCN9757 DSCN9756 DSCN9754 DSCN9753 DSCN9752


Artist in Residence John-Mark Schlink

A productive residency for John-Mark as he created large scale woodcut prints, both as unique experimental impressions, and as a “reductive” edition.  He worked fluidly on the large press, and tested papers, registrations, color layers, stencils and details.   Beautiful prints were made – suggestive of architectural blueprints, schematic perspective of imaginary cities, map-like graphics.   Thanks for the dialogue and support!

JMS_sm1 JMS_sm2 JMS_sm3  JMS_sm6 JMS_sm7 JSM_sm5

STELLAR Small Print – International Invitational

September 4 – November 7, 2015

First Friday Opening Reception September 4, 6:00 – 8:00pm

Manuel Alba, France

Maija Albrecht, Finland

Sean Caulfield, Canada

Sheila Goloborotko , Brazil/USA

Hayk Grigoryan, Armenia

Naomi Hashimoto, Japan

Jill Ho-You, Canada

Silvana Martignoni, Italy

Antti Ratalahti, Finland

Tara Sabharwal, India/USA

Miida Seiichiro, Japan

Mariko Ando Spencer, Canada/Japan

Josef Werner, Germany

A global network is drawn between diverse artists and their printworks on an intimate scale. These artists operate on multiple levels in the print community, through exhibiting at international biennales, working in collaborative studios or independently, as mentors and teachers that elucidate and interpret print culture through their craft and concept.     The quality of their vision is expressed through an attentive nature and handwork, while understanding the impact of ink and impression.

13. Sacs blue 1JIllHo-You_Paper Bodies Figure 5

L.  Tara Shabharwal, R. Jill Ho-You

Happy Hour House Concert & Studio Tour

Join us Friday, August 28!

6 – 7:30 music featuring artist/songwriter Wendy Jane Bantam and friends for acoustic “storytelling Americana”
7:30 – 8:00 artist Karen Kunc studio tour and “treasures from the flat files”
Special VIP seating for Lincoln Arts Council CSA patrons! Arrive early. This collaborative event is for building community and art patrons. Free

Wendy and Karen are contributing their art for the LAC Community Supported Art project!



Hand Papermaking Workshop Action Shots!

Thanks everyone for a great workshop!   We first made paper from cotton linters and Half-stuff, and t-shirts.   And then we processed kozo fibers, which we cooked, washed and beat by hand and in the beater.    Great experiments and experiences were enjoyed, and good discussions of the process and history.  Here are some action shots!

IMG_0723 IMG_0726 IMG_0727 IMG_0728 IMG_0732 IMG_0733 IMG_0736 IMG_0737   IMG_0739  IMG_0741IMG_0942

Mass Migrations Print Action Shots!

Printing Mass Migrations was lively, with many hands helping Rachel Simmons create her installation.  Her album is at this link:

And here are some great photos of artists, friends, family, some new to printmaking!

DSCN9706 DSCN9704 DSCN9708 DSCN9709  DSCN9713RachelsMassMigrations2 DSCN9714_2MassMigrations1 RachelsMassMigrations  DSCN9711_2

We will enjoy the installation through the end of August.  Thanks Rachel for a great residency and engagement with everyone at Constellation Studios!

STELLAR Small Prints: International Invitational Exhibition

September 4 – November 7, 2015

First Friday Opening Reception, September 4, 6:00 – 8:00

13. Sacs blue 1JIllHo-You_Paper Bodies Figure 5

A global network is drawn between diverse artists and their printworks on an intimate scale. The exhibition includes: Maija Albrecht, Finland; Hayk Grigoryan, Armenia; Tara Sabharwal, India/USA; Mariko Ando Spencer, Canada/Japan; Sheila Goloborotko, Brazil/USA; Antti Ratalahti, Finland; Jill Ho-You, Canada; Josef Werner, Germany; Manuel Alba, France; Naomi Hashimoto, Japan; Silvana Martignoni, Italy; Sean Caulfield, Canada; Miida Seiichiro, Japan.  These artists operate on multiple levels in the print community, through exhibiting at international biennales, working in collaborative studios and independently, as artist mentors that elucidate and interpret print culture through their craft and concept.    The quality of their vision is expressed through an attentive nature and handwork, while understanding the impact of ink and impression.

01 Prarie Landscape 1 a

Images by:  (top left) Tara Sabharwal, (top right) Jill Ho-You, (bottom) Sean Caulfield

Workshop action shots!

Lots of color, great people, good intensity & energy made for a great week together.

Thank you all!

IMG_0692 IMG_0691 IMG_0690 IMG_0689 IMG_0686 IMG_0685 IMG_0683 IMG_0679IMG_0684IMG_0680 IMG_0682   IMG_0678IMG_0537 IMG_0677IMG_0694

Spotlight on Members & Summer Interns

Here are the folks in the current Constellation Members Show:


Anne Burton is a faculty member at Metro Community College Omaha, where she is teaching printmaking, drawing and 2D design.  Here she is with her  recent woodcut prints.


Adrian Armstrong is a recent undergrad from UNL, and was a Constellation Studios intern summer 2014.  These works are lithographs, and his self portrait is on the right).


Joyce Bingeman is a current UNL grad student in printmaking, and has a small business selling original screen prints at local markets.  Her work here is handmade paper with drawing.


Arianna Corredor is a Venezuelan writer and currently living in Lincoln.  She has an MFA in creative writing from NYU.  Her monoprint series convey the reinterpretation of language through visual art.


Shawn Ballarin received his BFA from UNL and his MFA from Illinois State University.  His relief prints investigate color interactions and ink effects.


Camille Hawbaker earned her MFA from UNL in 2014.   She has taught surface design and weaving at UNL Department of Textiles.   Her works are  line etchings on silk, embedded into sewn thread compositions.



David Diaz is originally from Bogata, Colombia, and is currently an MFA student at the University of Texas at Arlington, working with Nancy Palmeri.  He is a summer intern at Constellation Studios.  His work is rust on metal made thru a vinyl cut stencil.


Skyler Simpson is a current undergrad student at UNL in art and Textiles.   She is in the Honors program and a mentor for students through the Thompson Learning Community.   She is a summer intern at Constellation Studios.


Kelly Seacrest is a LPS middle school art teacher, and has an art degree in printmaking.  She has created interrelationships through overlapping and layered imagery from woodblocks and wood engravings.


Trudie Teijink is originally from Amsterdam, the Netherlands and studied art in Ghent, Belgium.   She received her MFA from UNL in 2010, and teaches art at SECC and Metro CC.   Her mixed media works investigate natural processes and elements of time.


Mary Stoner has her BA in Art Education from the University of Northern Iowa.   She is the docent council chair at the Sheldon Museum of Art and coordinator of Sheldon Statewide Classroom Initiative.


Madison Svendgard is an undergraduate student at UNL with an emphasis in printmaking.   She studied abroad this summer through the UNL program at SRISA in Florence, Italy, and is a current summer intern at Constellation Studios.


Toan Vuong is from Omaha, and has received his BFA from UNL.   He works with organizations such as the LUX Art Center, the Lincoln Art Council, and the Sheldon Museum of Art to encourage community creativity.   His series of biographical portraits are woodcuts.