Installation Views of inBEtween

The inBEtween exhibition is a touring group show, planned to promote unity in response to our divisive time.   Artists in the group are responsible for taking the show in their location, therefore bringing it to a wider audience, and to include local artists and community.   In this way the message can keep reframing itself in a new and relevant context.

This show has been presented in 2019 at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, Augusta, Georgia, and in 2020 at Studios Inc. Kansas City, Missouri, and Constellation Studios, Lincoln, Nebraska.    Alternative shows and works were shown also in Germany and India.   Exhibitions and venues are being planned through 2021 and 2022.

Artists in the show

From Germany: nomadic sculptor Roger Rigorth’s installation of thin, fragile oars, Barbara Beisinhoff’s prints address air, water, earth, and Sabine Stange’s photographs on perceptual transience.

From America: Tana Kellner’s monoprints on the US Bill of Rights and immigration, Cheryl Goldsleger’s prints of migration maps, Miguel Rivera’s overlapped drawings derived from his Mexican American roots, Leslie Jean Bart’s photographs of Haitian American identity discord through photos of people in water, Karen Kunc’s woodcuts on rural urban migration, Larry Millard’s batons referencing entry permits, and Kristin Casaletto’s prints of community existence.

From India: Ayisa Abraham’s film of the life of a Nepali migrant living in Bangalore, Veer Munshi’s installation on his return to his exiled home in Kashmir, and Tara Sabharwal’s collaged silkscreen prints of refugees on boats encountering the ‘other’.

Local guest artists: Jamie Ho’s photo documentary of her Chinese family history at the threshold of erasure, Francisco Souto’s metaphoric drawings of social collapse in Venezuela, Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez’s folkloric print of colonial artifacts from Columbia, and Oria Simonini’s watercolors of migrant experience from her Guatemalan roots.

Left: Barbara Beisinhoff’s etchings Right: Sabine Stange’s photo series
Left foreground: Roger Rigorth’s carved oars Left background: Tana Kellner’s monoprints Right: Miguel Rivera’s prints
L: Tana Kellner Middle: Miguel Rivera R: Leslie Jean Bart
L: Leslie Jean Bart’s photo series R: Karen Kunc, artist book and prints
L: Karen Kunc R: Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez’s woodcut print
L: Kristin Casaletto’s drawings Middle: Cheryl Goldsleger’s prints R: Ayisa Abraham’s photo series
L: Ayisha Abraham Middle: Tara Sabharwal’s print series R: Veer Munshi’s photo installation
L: Veer Munshi R: Oria Simonini’s watercolor paintings
L: Francisco Souto’s drawing Middle: Larry Millard’s batons R: Jamie Ho’s photographs
Roger Rigorth’s oars floating across the space
L: Cheryl Goldsleger R: Ayisa Abraham