Hand Papermaking Workshop Action Shots!

Thanks everyone for a great workshop!   We first made paper from cotton linters and Half-stuff, and t-shirts.   And then we processed kozo fibers, which we cooked, washed and beat by hand and in the beater.    Great experiments and experiences were enjoyed, and good discussions of the process and history.  Here are some action shots!

IMG_0723 IMG_0726 IMG_0727 IMG_0728 IMG_0732 IMG_0733 IMG_0736 IMG_0737   IMG_0739  IMG_0741IMG_0942

Mass Migrations Print Action Shots!

Printing Mass Migrations was lively, with many hands helping Rachel Simmons create her installation.  Her album is at this link:


And here are some great photos of artists, friends, family, some new to printmaking!

DSCN9706 DSCN9704 DSCN9708 DSCN9709  DSCN9713RachelsMassMigrations2 DSCN9714_2MassMigrations1 RachelsMassMigrations  DSCN9711_2

We will enjoy the installation through the end of August.  Thanks Rachel for a great residency and engagement with everyone at Constellation Studios!

Happy Hour Printing Action with Rachel Simmons

Mass Migrations
Printing with Artist in Residence Rachel Simmons

Participate in creating a paper flock of birds made by carving into easy flexi-cut and printing on the letterpress, in response to Simmons’ inquiry into the cycle and impact of birds in our lives. All hands and energies needed for this skylight installation!


Happy Hour Printing Action: Friday, July 24, 4:00 – 7:00
Drop in to contribute and share your story of bird sightings! Cool refreshments and materials provided.


Artist Bio
Rachel Simmons teaches foundations, printmaking and book arts at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. She creates socially engaged art projects which help students become responsible leaders and active citizens. In 2009, she was awarded the Service-Learning Faculty Award for the State of Florida.

My Ántonia: Instructions for Seeing

An installation based on Willa Cather’s Novel

Prints, text, mapping by Barbara Tetenbaum

May 13 – June 30

Opening Reception Wednesday, May 13, 6 – 8pm  

Free and open to all

Also in conjunction with the 15th International Cather Seminar

Reception & Artist Conversation with Barbara Tetenbaum,

Tuesday, June 9, 6:00 – 7:00      Free and open to all

This exhibition offers Barbara Tetenbaum’s visual presentation of one of Cather’s beloved novels My Ántonia, through mapping components, a carved interpretation board to imagine the interconnected tracings of distance and travels, and book stands with tactile printed pages that encourage close reading, all evoking our analytical and emotional perceptions.


Begun in 2010, Tetenbaum’s investigation of this great American novel and her personal experience of “close reading” has lead to large-scale art installations exhibited at the Oregon College of Art and Craft’s Hoffman Gallery, and Reed College, Portland, Oregon. The context of place will be especially rich presented in Nebraska as the work invites viewers to map and ignite their understanding of the novel’s remarkable story.


“I wanted to put myself in the position of a first-time reader and map my understanding of a novel as I listened to it on tape. I chose Cather’s book almost at random. What I didn’t expect was how completely obsessed I would become with the power and beauty of her writing, and her ability to use language to evoke the truth of lived experience,” said Tetenbaum.

Artists in Residence

It has been great to host Artists in Residence this winter.    In February, Annaday Hiser enjoyed an intensely creative time, working on 4 book projects that she had been incubating for a number of years, using her cyanotype or photogravure images.    We collaborated to bring printing, structures, and content together for beautifully rich and meaningful works. She printed woodblock pages, letterpress titles, glued sequences, sewn bindings, all on beautiful tactile papers.

Annaday2 Annaday1


In March we are enjoying Ellen Wiener here in residence to expand her print vocabulary and considerable color sensibilities with woodcut and collagraph monoprinting.    A rich tapestry surrounds us with her works in the current exhibition, as well as in the pattern influences that become layered densities, as the work and immersion evolves.

These artists bring great conversations….and now a great reading list from their recommendations!


Monoprint Workshop – Patchwork Layers

Join Karen Kunc for a Monoprint Workshop – Patchwork Layers, Saturday, March 7, 10:00am – 5:00pm.   Held in collaboration with the Sheldon Museum of Art to celebrate and be inspired by the exhibition Gee’s Bend:  From Quilts to Prints.   $85 workshop fee includes all materials.

Make one-of-a-kind prints from ink that is transferred from plates to paper with an inevitable surprise.   Using a wide array of colors the water-base inks enable multiple layers and unusual mixing.  Guidance and demos of techniques will spark ideas and sharing.  All for experimentation and fun!   For all levels and spaces are limited.

To register contact Lisa Maurer 402-472-4524  lisa.maurer@unl.edu

For further information call Karen at 402-438-0049 or karen@constellation-studios.net



Studio accomplishments – big prints & great sounds

It feels great to have completed the editioning for Nancy Friedemann’s dramatic large, detailed woodcut, just this past Wednesday.   Here is the team of us at work:  Karen,  Joyce Bingeman student assistant, and Nancy!   The luscious dark ink is glistening and the rollers flying.


We hosted a beautiful invitational Publishing Party, at the end of October, to announce the release of the three Constellation Studios Publications by Nancy Friedemann, Kim Reid Kuhn, and Karen Kunc.  Beautiful food and art and patrons!

CS-10-30-14-postcard-web DSCN9088

And the special recital on November 20th by Jarod Hiscock, Jenny  Smith, and The Skyros String Quartet was exhilarating.   An architectural sense of space and sound was at play, through the beautiful, rich voices and music.   Thanks to all for a memorable experience.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



Fall Activities – visiting artists and workshop

Papermaker Helen Hiebert was here for a watermarking workshop with UNL students in the papermaking studio.   We learned interesting techniques and refined our skills for pulp preparation and sheet forming.   She presented a great variety of samples that inspired intricate designs for the transmission of light through the paper as a watermark, due to the different thickness of the paper.   Very beautiful results!


The fall Color Woodcut Printmaking Workshop brought artists together for color and a collaborative atmosphere.   Everyone enjoyed the studio space and time, and we saw influences between each other from sharing color layers and conversations.   Another experience of “Constellation Studio heaven”!   Thank you Stephanie, Nancy, Lisa, Kelly, Katherine!


Mural Celebrations, First Friday June 6, 6 -9pm

The large mural is underway again, with plans to complete this spring with more details, resolutions, and refinements.    Come see what has evolved!   And catch the views from Union Plaza and the bike path, as this colorful mural blazes across the downtown skyline.   This mural has become a favorite photo stop…..appearing behind some great poses, outfits and shiny cars!


Also, celebrate the completion of the large WallWorks painting by invited artist Spencer Pacheco.   This mural painting is a “street art” style work, drawn free-hand onto the wall site, then filled with color and intricate graphic illusions.   Executing this large scale work is a great experience for this UNL art student!  The work will be on view for several months, and no doubt will be a great photo spot as well.  Thanks to Spencer for his hard work and excitement to see the impact of his imagination out in the world in this collaboration with Constellation Studios.



Call For Submissions

We are open for proposals for collaborative projects, exhibitions, print publishing, workshop courses, WallWorks temporary outdoor street art. Send brief information, objectives, references and contact information by email or post. Do not include original samples and materials will not be returned. Submissions will be reviewed ongoing, and you will be contacted if we are interested.