Metropolis & Invisible Cities – Installation views

A virtual walk through of the gallery!   Metropolis includes 303 international artists and originated in Europe and was assembled in Venice Italy in 2014.   Invisible Cities will be bound in 2016, and all the 228  folio pages are shown on the walls.   This new accordion folded book has contributions from across the USA, and from Chile, Italy, Poland, France, Argentina, Egypt, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, India, Finland, New Zealand, Columbia, Guatemala.   The artists book are made in response to the evocative theme of  Invisible Cities and join to enrich the installation.

The Space Between


Considerations abound with this poetic trope, readily calling forth questions on relationships, transformations, comparisons, distances, and rhythmic impulses. A wide array of prints curated from the Constellation Studios collection provide a rich context for a selection of prints by Karen Kunc. Prints in all media are included by national and international artists: Gregory Amenoff, Mark Anderson, Susan Belau, Anne Burton, John Driesbach, Jenni Freidman, Adele Henderson, Nona Hershey, Robert Jančovič, Cezary Keilor, Kent Kapplinger, Wayne Kimball, David Knox, Inari Krohn, Kristen Martincic, Turner McGehee, Peggy Prentice, Philip Von Raabe, Sahal El Sabour, Trudie Teijink, Barbara Tetenbaum, Stanislaw Wegman, and many others.

Invitational Ink Day

The first Invitational Ink Day brought several area artists into Constellation Studios for a monotype co-working session. We felt out some of the logistics of having a group working in the space through a fun and experimental approach. It was surprising how fast the time flew and none of us want to wrap up as the day neared an end!

Invitational Ink Monoprint Workshop Constellation Studios
Area artists collaboratively working away on monoprints during the first Invitational Ink Day.


Constellation Studios Invitational Ink Day Break
We stopped for a quick lunch break between pulling prints.