“One Day” Boxmaking Workshop

Wednesday August 9, 10am – 2:00pm             $60

Build a clamshell or lidded box with divided spaces inside. Decorative papers add collage aesthetics, to enhance an object for its presentation, preservation, viewing and meaning.   Materials provided.

“Wet & Cool” Papermaking for Kids (and parent)

For ages 5 – 9

We will make simple base sheets, and do squeeze bottle pulp “drawings” on the wet sheet.   Papers will be dried outdoors in the sun. (spaces are limited) Be prepared to be wet, and wear tennis shoes.

Color Woodcut Workshop – Great success!

Thank you everyone for joining in with such good spirit of work, sharing, intensity and experimentation.   It was fun and challenging to steer the energy and questions…..a great learning experience for all!  Here are some of the works and students!

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Color Woodcut Printmaking Workshop

Wednesday – Sunday July 26 – 30, 2017

For all levels

Join Karen Kunc for this intensive, exciting workshop will awaken the possibilities for the woodcut printing process for the beginning and advanced printmaker. This approach is not technically tradition-bound…but inventive, with contemporary, creative methods, that can be spontaneous, simple and direct.   This expressive medium will be introduced and explored through demonstrations and discussions of cutting techniques, oil-base inks and water-base inks, modifiers, and printing by hand as well as using the press.   Participants will go from designing their images and cutting blocks, to printing several projects using a variety of methods and individual discoveries.

Below the Surface – Etching Workshop

Saturday & Sunday April 29-30, 10 – 5

For all levels

Join Karen Kunc to explore this traditional intaglio technique where drawing marks and textures are etched  below the surface. We create line drawings into copper plates with beautiful details and line qualities, and print under pressure through the press onto good quality paper.  Use of water-base inks will be introduced.    $150 (+ materials fee tbd)

“One Day” Workshop – Bookmaking

Sunday, April 2, noon – 5

For all levels

A hands-on workshop that begins with unusual and playful paper selections for signatures and foldings, which become the content for the hardcover German Case Binding. These books will be showpieces and suitable for journaling, sketching, guest book, gifting.

“One Day” Workshop – Small Box-making

Sunday, February 26, 10 – 5

Build an amazing decorative box, suitable to hold a small object or gift. Interesting papers cover binders board, and use hand skills and aesthetic sensibilities.

Letterpress for Cardmaking!

Play with the woodtype and printers cuts to make holiday cards and sentiments. Learn the basics of typesetting and lock-up and how to use the Vandercook and the new (old) Challenge letterpresses for type-high explorations.   Make cards for giving and greetings!

Tuesday December 6  &

Wednesday December 7

6:30 – 9pm

$35 per session

come for 1 or both!

Boxmaking for small treasures

Build the amazing clamshell box, with a special divided tray inside in a hidden compartment. Materials and skills follow a classic functional structure that can enhance an object for its presentation, preservation, and meaning.   Bring a small object or special book to plan the box around.

Redo for Old Books

In this hands-on workshop we will make book objects using a mixed media approach with ideas new to you and techniques that you already know.   We will foster a collage and collaborative atmosphere of shared found materials and ideas suggested from the content of old books and objects. Our unique objects create memories and meanings.

Hand Papermaking – Wet & Cool

This hand-on workshop will use beaten cotton fiber for sheet forming, stenciling and colorful pulp painting.   A variety of techniques will enable participants to create images on base sheets, and also beautiful sheets of text-weight paper.   Papers can be for used for additional crafting, drawing, printing, and as finished works. This is an ideal summer workshop to beat the heat!

Enjoy 3 studio days, Friday-Saturday-Sunday, August 12-13-14, 10am – 5pm